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Technical Rider

REVISION: March 31, 2024

Time in the Wilderness is an instrumental quintet featuring 2 drummers, electric & up-right bass, guitar and trumpet. We generally perform dance-able, groovy jam-band tunes in the genre of bands like Circles Around the Sun, Surprise Chef, Khruangbin, etc. We appreciate the work and attention that goes into running live sound and encourage you to contact us with any details or questions in advance of the performance. Please let us know how we can make your life easier!

The band optionally brings all equipment to run our own shows for small venues (amps, guitars, pa, microphones and cables if needed, per negotiation in advance of our shows). Please let us know how much of the backline will be provided. We prefer minimal mic-ing & monitoring for small venues. As such, details for larger venues such as mic’d drums and additional amplifier mics/di’s are highlighted with an *asterisk.


[email protected]
Mike Landis (phone # in PDF version)



Member Instrument Inputs Notes
Paul Aquilino Drums *mic drums There are 2 drummers and we usually only mic them for large venues
Brad Samuels Drums *mic drums
Mike Landis Electric Bass *XLR to PA Mike usually brings his own small class D Head and a bass cabinet, he can also use venue provided bass amp or PA
*The head has an XLR direct out.
Mike Landis Upright Double Bass *XLR to PA The double bass typically comes out for longer or multi-set shows.
Mike uses a Fishman Circle Pickup and a Fishman Pro EQ DI Unit, carefully EQ’d, running to the bass cabinet. Feedback can be an issue and a healthy soundcheck here is recommended.
Andre Radloff Guitars *mic’d amp to PA
*mic’d amp to PA (2 amps in stereo)
Fender Deville or similar tube amps preferred.
*Depending on venue size Andre brings a second amp for stereo effects.
*Amps can also be mic’d for large venues
Andre Radloff Synth(Korg Minilogue) *DI + XLR to PA Andre runs the synth through guitar amp(s) for smaller venues, or when a PA connection is not available.
Ralph Burrows Trumpet XLR to PA Ralph brings an sm57, his own effects unit & DI box for the trumpet. The 57 runs into his effects unit. He requires a connection to the PA unless we are bringing our own.
Andre Radloff / Band Members Vocals SM58 (or equiv), XLR to PA This mic is used for announcements.